NEWGA Results from Saratoga National
Gail Sykes Cup 2012

Championship Flight
      1st Gross:  Quinn (Wiltwyck) and Arakelian (Pinehaven)
      1st Net:       Mansfield and Kahler (Ballston Spa)

      2nd Gross:  Mayne(Western Turnpike) and Feldmann (Olde Kinderhooke)
      2nd Net:      Rudolf and Lee (Mohawk)

1st Flight 
      1st Gross:  Canestriani  and Trapasso (Western Turnpike)
      1st Net:     Walkanowski and Harkins (Ballston Spa)

       2nd Gross:  Carruthers  and MacDonnell (Hiland)
      2nd Net:     Farhart and Herrick (Twin Cities Golf Club)

2nd Flight 
      1st Gross:   Taylor and Delanoy (Western Turnpike)
      1st Net:       Johnson and Adamkowski (Twin Cities)

      2nd Gross:   Keeler and Ryan (Western Turnpike)
      2nd Net:       Neiss and Fey (Western Turnpike)

3rd Flight 
      1st Gross:  Cushing and Squazzo (Burden Lake)
      1st Net:      Cummings and Milos (Pine Haven)

      2nd Gross:  King and Thompkins (Catskill)
      2nd Net:     Burke and Evans (Oneonta)

4th Flight 
      1st Gross:  Mysoiborski and Balick (Pine Haven)
      1st Net:     Meo and McBride (Catskill)

      2nd Gross: Walsh and Engster (Schyler Meadows)
      2nd Net:  Laiacona and Capobianco (pine Haven)